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Fulham Palace Festival

Katie Leone with RB Funkestra

This was a new location for us and what a location it was – the glorious lawns at Fulham Palace!

It also marked our first gig with wonderful vocalist Katie Leone who put in a very powerful and at the same time soulful performance. The weather was great and people came out with their picnics to enjoy the music.

In the first set the expectation was that we are going to be a nice jazz funky background addition to the ambience, however, after a few Pimms and Bubbles the crowd got involved and?danced their socks off?Entire families were introduced to the funk and danced away?.We had to finish at 10pm but it was tough to go as one encore was not enough for the now party hungry crowd:-)

It was a good turn of events and thank you to my trusty funk brothers Mike Sturgis on drums and Eran Kendler who, as ever, provided the (funk) machine for the flights of Mike Gorman on keys, Sid Gauld on trumpet, Paul Booth on tenor saxophone and of course, vocalist Katie Hector.

A great place to play and we would like to do it very much again next year, if not only for the fun load in with a type of Golf cart. Everyone in the band was fighting to get to drive the gear from the car park to the stage and back:-)