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MYBEAT Metronome

mybeat metronome appFunky Metronome App

I’m very proud to announce that the Redtenbacher’s Funkestra logo is one of the standard backgrounds for a funky iPhone metronome called MyBeat by KnowledgeRocks, a new thing I’m involved in.

Shake to tempo

Shake the iPhone in time to your favourite tune to determine the tempo without even having to touch the screen, whether on or off. Imagine your iphone is a hammer hitting a nail to a pulse. You can also adjust the shake sensitivity; lowering the sensitivity and shaking the iPhone harder increases accuracy. This feature is much easier to use than tap tempo (although we have also included it) and much more fun.

Simple to use

We have designed a metronome that is super simple to use. We hate clutter, hence you will find a minimum amount of buttons.


Using low level APIs, we have managed to get the most accurate metronome for the iPhone. As Knowledge Rocks was created by professional musicians, we nearly drove our programmers crazy by demanding super-accurate timing that also feels good.