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The ‘A Very Funky Christmas’ album cover story

Thomas and I worked pretty hard to find just the right illustrator to create the album cover for the Christmas album.

We looked through quite a few portfolios and drafts from illustrators around the world. Independently from each other we picked Irina Anatolieva Pamyatnih from Sofia, Bulgaria as our favorite. Her illustrations included covers for children’s books, flyers and art drawings that all oozed the right feel for what we were after. Once we unanimously decided on Irina we contacted her and it was a pleasure to work with her. She was an absolute pro about all aspects of the task in hand and on top of it a very nice person to work with. We think she really managed to encompass the spirit for our Christmas album which we will release on November 15.

Irina – you rule! Awesome album cover and happy faces all-round!

Check out Irina illustrating the process of creating the album cover.