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A Glowing Review from the LA Times!

Well, this is a first on a few levels for the Funkestra!

First of all, to get a review in the Los Angeles Times (“Pop & Hiss” – The L.A. Times Music Blog by Randy Lewis) is totally awesome. Secondly, it is quite titillating to be mentioned in the opening gambit in the same sentence as Cee Lo Green and Tracey Thorn (former vocalist of Everything But The Girl).

To top it all off we received 3 stars out of 4 and I’m totally psyched about that. Especially as Rod Steward’s, Olivia Newton-John’s and John Travolta’s Christmas offerings were not so lucky and received ‘only’ two stars (sorry mom :-).

So, overall very happy that the ‘left-field collective Redtenbacher’s Funkestra’ as Randy calls us, is not only in such distinguished company and in such a distinguished music blog, but generally also seems to be liked for the quality of the music. So, for me Christmas has come early this year.

If you don’t want to trawl through the full article – here are the relevant bits:

It’s word association time. Say the first word that springs to mind: “holiday —-.” Did you think “Season”? “Sale”? “Hangover”?

How about “music?” This year, there are plenty of new holiday albums to pick from. Cee Lo Green, English pop-rocker Tracey Thorn and the left-field collective Redtenbacher Funkestra are just a few of the dozens of entertainers with albums out there made for celebrating the season. But which ones will offer yuletide cheer and which will feel like the same old thing, re-gifted?

And here’s the? actual review:

*** Redtenbacher’s Funkestra, “A Very Funky Christmas” (Wooden Hat). This five-song EP is just the thing to brighten up any staid holiday gathering. These instrumentals percolate with Latin jazz-funk, bringing big-band juice and rhythmic punch to four yuletide classics and one original, the title track.

Read the full story at the LA Times Website.