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Austin Texas college students’ X-mas video featuring our tracks

Well, we know that we had our share of fun when we shot the footage for our ‘Deck The Halls’ video. But we didn’t expect other people to join the fun by shooting a video all of their own. However, this is precisely what happened!

This bunch of clearly super talented college students from the University of Austin, Texas decided to have a break from studying for their finals and came up with their own Christmas video that uses two tracks from our ‘A Very Funky Christmas’ album. They used ‘Deck The Halls’ for the intro and ‘Hark The Herald Angels Sing’ for the rest of their quirky video. These guys are no slouches…there is a lot of great stuff (and work) in this – different locations, choreography, props and the whole editing shooting match! I love it all for its pace, quirkiness and humor.

In particular I love the scene when one of the students is miming along to my bass solo with what looks like a red Fender Jazz bass on top of a house right next to a massive illuminated Christmas star (I know, of course I would, having played the bass in first place:-). I also like the timer and burnt ‘sausages’ moment – on one level I like to see it as a reference to ‘burning tune and bass solo’ and on the other hand I’m in shock to see burnt ‘sausages’, being Austrian and all…anyway, priceless! The other scene that made me laugh out loud is when two of the guys make a little gingerbread house and are all pleased with themselves when they finish it…until the mistletoe is coming down from the ceiling…whacky and funny! But as I said…I love the whole thing really.

Strangest thing…we don’t even know their names! So, please come forward super talented colleges students from Austin, Texas so we can show our gratitude. And to you, dear blog reader, what is your favorite moment in this video?