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Stefan’s ‘in session’ column for the ibass magazine

coverThis January the ibass magazine has launched their first iPad edition. Have a look here on the iTunes store . Nick Wells, former editor of the Bass Guitar Magazine has invited me to write a monthly column for his bass magazine.

I decided that I wanted to make a departure from my ‘Funkyologies’ column which I wrote for a few years for the BGM. I thought that players might find it useful to get a play-a-long track every month to either challenge their reading skills, ears, technique, sound or stylistic skills and ideally, all of it. Adding a few listening recommendations in the style of the track and a score, full and minus bass track will hopefully allow bassists to have some fun and acquire new skills on the way.

The band that records those tracks is: Eran Kendler on guitar, Sid Gauld on trumpet, Andr? Spang on keys, Francis Merante on drums and yours truly on bass or synth bass. The first few tracks are ‘Long live JB’ (funk ? la James Brown), ‘Con Fusion’ (Jazz Fusion), ‘Smooth-o-Rama’ (Smooth Jazz), ‘Sexy Breakfast’ (RnB, Nu Soul), ‘Pimp my Bismuth’ (Metal), ‘Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star’ (re-imagined for two basses and cornet).

The media integration into the iPad is fantastic and the mag is a must for all bassists. All the very best to Nick and hopefully people will like my ‘in session’ column too.