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Who is ‘Funky Barbarella’?


Funky Barbarella is a funk baritone saxophonist and leader of a small renegade group of musicians with instruments that produce low notes in a world where all low notes are forbidden.

Sopranos, piccolos and glockenspiels rule the day.

The CS (read ‘Coloratortura Soprano’) government has banned all low notes and all instruments that omit low notes.

The CS government agents under the leadership of ‘Mr. Glock’ (short for ‘Glockenspiel), head of the ‘Funky Barbarella Pursuing Unit’, are after her to lock away her baritone saxophone and try her for treason based on several counts of low frequency violations, in particular the excessive use of the her low A.

However Funky Barbarella prevails and frees the world from the low note ban and all instruments – kick drum, tubas, basses, cellos, etc., are back out on the street to FUNK OUT with low notes yet again.

Even healing the agent ‘Mr. Glock’ from his low-note hatred?

?and the world is a much funkier place again?

Long live Funky Barbarella!


Here you see the evil ‘Mr.Glock’ in the head office of the ‘Funky Barbarella Pursuing Unit’.


All low note producing instruments are behind bars, locked away from their owners.


Funky Barbarella’s horn is locked away in a high security compound in the cellars of the CS government head office building.


Although she managed to get her horn back ‘Mr. Glock’ is in hot pursuit of her and the baritone saxophone.

Watch the whole video next Wednesday, 17th of April 2013!