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‘Kottan’ and his influence on Austrian Jazz Funk Bassist


Kottan Ermittelt‘ is an Austrian cult TV series that run from the late 70s to the early 80s. The Austrian Televison ORF produced 19 episodes before it came off air.

Kottan‘ is a detective for the Viennese police force and is surrounded by a team of very eccentric colleagues and police chief. As the series went on the lead role of ‘Adolf Kottan’ was changed three times (Peter Vogel, Franz Buchrieser, Lukas Resetarits) and the episodes became more and more whacky as time went on.

I recently re-discovered this series and enjoyed the thick, cranky and often plain rude, but yet amusing Viennese Austrian dialect spoken throughout the series. There is also a lot of shouting which seems to be a customary habit and standard way of Viennese communication.

Interestingly enough I think ‘Kottan‘ and ‘Mighty Boosh’ are kindred spirits in their surreal wackiness…and I personally enjoy both;)

The Mighty Boosh

For me one of the amusing aspects of the series is that ‘Kottan‘ has a relationship with the televison presenter who seems to communicate with him through the TV set – commenting on the going-ons in his living room.

Chris Lohner

This TV presenter is Austrian actress Chris Lohner and was famous for her hair cut: a fire red fringe (‘bangs’ in US English). At the time there was another well known media celebrity called Brigitte Xander, a breakfast show DJ for the Austrian public service broadcaster (ORF), who also was universally known for her fringe.

Brigitte Xander

This caused great confusion in the minds of the Austrian public and this very fact gave birth to the idea of ‘Xander vs. Lohner‘, my composition for the ibass mag n?mero ocho.

Sadly Brigitte Xander is no more (I grew up with her voice on the radio) but hopefully the voice of the Austrian Federal Railway ?BB likes Jazz Funk and groove bass:-)

Not that you asked what inspired the title, but if you are still reading, you now know anyway…Austrians! What is your favorite scene in all of the Kottan episodes?

PS: Funny this, but Chris Lohner and myself share the same birthday, only 25 years apart:-)