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Jazz Funk for the people of Surrey and SE of England

Flyer Nov Haslemere

6 months ago we played for the first time at the Shottermill Club in Haslemere with the fab Mr. Little’s Noisy Band. Lots of friends, neighbors, music fans and Funkestra fans showed up to support us. We hope that we can pull off another fun night on Friday, 21st of November.

So come down to a local evening of Jazz and Funk in Haslemere. Get your tickets here.

Doors open at 7:00. Andy and his men will play around 7:30 and the Funkestra will play around 8:30.

The gentlemen forming the Funkestra for the evening will be:

Mike Sturgis on drums, Eran Kendler on guitar, Paul Jordanous on double duty trumpet, Rob Fowler on tenor saxophone and the, no doubt, playing the keys standing, Graeme Taylor.

We will close the evening with a massive jam a la Funkadelic (maybe a bit more organised:-) and have as many musos from the Noisy Band as possible come up and jam with us.

Looking forward to seeing you all and thank you to Anthony Price for helping us organise this event, Norbert Sipos who will drive miles on his motorbike to be our sound engineer for the evening and Terry McMahon who surely will cut us a fantastic deal on some equipment (Terry, are you reading this?), which we were very much lacking the last time we played there.

With the tables a lot closer to the stage and an improved sound it should make, all in all, a great evening! Let’s hope they didn’t put up the prices for the drink:-)

PS: Here is what Noel Fielding ? la Vince Noir makes of Jazz Funk. Cracks me up every time:-)

“Jazz Funk – the double – that’s even worse!” (Vince Noir)

“The cerebral musicality of Jazz mixed with the visceral groove of funk.” (Howard Moon)

“Funk? Jazz’s deformed cousin!” (Vince Noir)

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