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‘Dr Hypenstein’ video

Hypenstein 4

We are please to finally share the video for ‘Dr Hypenstein’ with you. As you might gather – we, or should I rather say ‘Dr Hypenstein’ and ‘Ivan’ had a ball shooting this video and just to make sure, no animals were harmed in this video:-) Hopefully you will enjoy watching it as much as we had fun making it!

Whatever you make of it – fantastic, good, ok, bad, horrible…please leave us your comments on YouTube – always great to get your feedback! If you are busy – of course a thumbs up (or down:) would be ace too!

Giovanni C. from Rewindplay did an excellent job editing our rushes and we are thrilled with the result.

The feedback so far is very positive and one of my favorite comments so far is by US trombonist Tom Frazee:

“Very hip. Shades of Austin Powers & Jethro Tull with an acidic edge. I’m in!”

I also liked “Bass a little loud in the mix” by drummer Darren Williams (Oh yes! That’s the idea:-) and “I like this very much Mr Stefan Redtenbacher, funky video:-) didn’t expect anything less!!!” by promoter Steffi Roth (We will play just for you at the next festival:).

This comment [in German] from an old friend and guitarist is also very uplifting: “Hey Yeah! Dieser Wahnsinns-Bassist hat mal in meinem Jazz-Trio gespielt und lebt jetzt in London und macht sein Ding! Bei youtube steht auch der link zur EP, die es als PreSale schon gibt. Ich hab sie schon, es ist gute Laune garantiert…greift zu!”

The album will be released on Tuesday, 27/01/2015 but you can pre-order it here on:



iTunes store

Thank you for your support – it means the world to us!

Hypenstein 5
(Dr Hypenstein and Ivan striking a pose)