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‘Baby Fat’ is song of the day at KEXP in Seattle with DJ Kevin Cole

Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 12.26.54[Image courtesy of Rob Blackham at]

More excitement in the Funkestra camp: today?s song, featured on The KEXP (Seattle) Afternoon Show with Kevin Cole, is ?BABY FAT?, the 2nd track from from our newly released album Dr. Hypenstein. Thomas – you are just the cat! Thank you for your enormous musical leadership and all the rest – all equally important!

Jacob Webb
did an excellent job in his research and I always appreciate someone taking the time and putting in the effort to create their own take on the information that is already available about us. Light years from the simple ‘cut and paste’ job after a simple Google search – although I’m happy with this too, rather than nothing at all:) Either way, Jacob – thanks for your time on this – really appreciated!

A big thank you also to Dave Sanford from Distiller Promotions, Thomas Feurer ‘mastermind and musician’ from Wooden Hat Records and of course DJ Kevin Cole and his team at KEXP record to make it all happen.

This is your chance to get a free download of ‘Babyfat’ (just click on the link below):-)

Read the KEXP blog HERE.