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Dave Limina

Dave-LiminaKeyboard Player

Dave is an absolute world-class Hammond organ player who can evoke any emotion with the beast, that is a B3. His groove, soloing, total commitment and vibe are super-exciting and he has shared his considerable talents with Stefan on almost all records, starting with the very first one in 1996 – ‘Boozing Wizards’.

As a matter of fact, Dave is still using some of the charts from this session with his Berklee Hammond organ students today (I also love the fact that David has set up the Hammond organ ensemble and room at Berklee in Boston.)

David Limina ( pianist, Hammond organist-Berklee College Professor)

Dave has performed with 3 time ‘Blues Music Award’ winners Ronnie Earl and the Broadcasters, Brooke Benton, Martha Reeves, Toy Caldwell, Felix Cavalieri, Duke Robillard, Steve Forbert, Joey DeFrancesco, Sinbad, Grammy winners Gloria Estefan, Mark Walker, Robert Lee Castleman, Gary Nicholson and Paula Cole. He has toured/recorded with Mighty Sam McClain, Michelle Willson, Lori McKenna, Catie Curtis, Courage Brothers, Steve Leslie, Freedy Johnston, Chris Collingwood-of Fountains Of Wayne, The RB Funkestra Fred Wesley and Eric Krasno, Scott Hamilton and many more.

He received Boston Music Award nominations for his work with the Courage Brothers, Mighty Sam McClain and Ronnie Earl and The Broadcasters. Boston Music Awards winner for Best Blues Album 2001 for “Wake Up Call”- Michelle Willson. He was Keyboardist/conductor for the first national touring company of the Pulitzer prize winning Broadway musical ‘Rent’.

He does extensive studio session work and is heard on numerous commercially released recordings including “Bittertown”-Lori McKenna on Warner Bros, and “Hope Radio”-Ronnie Earl and the Broadcasters DVD-Stoney Plain. Author of ‘Hammond Organ Complete’, “Accelerate Your Keyboard Playing” DVD, “and Instant Keyboard”….Hal Leonard Publishing. Dave is an assistant professor of piano in the piano department at Berklee College of Music where he created the Hammond Organ Program. He has authored courses for “Berklee Music”- online learning and many popular courses for the piano department.

Hammond B3 and piano

Dave Limina is a long time Professor in the Piano Department at Berklee College of Music, where he received the Most Valuable Contribution to the Performance Curriculum Award in 2001 for his work in creating and developing the Hammond organ program. He is the author of ‘Hammond Organ Complete’ (Hal Leonard), and the instructional DVD ‘Accelerate Your Keyboard Playing’ (Rittor music).

As a keyboardist, composer, and arranger, Dave has performed with with ‘W.C. Handy Award’ winner Ronnie Earl and the Broadcasters, Gloria Estefan, Duke Robillard, Courage Brothers, Mark Murphy, Lori McKenna, Mighty Sam McClain, Kenny Neal, Catie Curtis, Freedy Johnston, Martha Reeves, Brooke Benton, Scott Hamilton, Toy Caldwell, Felix Cavalieri, Steve Forbert, and The RB Funkestra with Fred Wesley and Eric Krasno, Freedy Johnston, Chris Collingwood-of Fountains Of Wayne Also Grammy winning songwriters Robert Lee Castleman, Gary Nicholson, Paula Cole, Mark Walker and Steve Leslie. He has been the keyboardist/conductor for the first national touring company of the Broadway musical RENT. He received Boston Music Award nominations for his work with Courage Brothers, Ronnie Earl, and Mighty Sam McClain. He played keyboards on Michelle Willson’s Wake Up Call, which was a Boston Music Awards winner in 2001 for “Best Blues Album”.

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