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Upper Austrian Funkestra – powered by Stefan Redtenbacher – MEGA!

Upper Austrian Funkestra – powered by Stefan Redtenbacher (all)

What can I say? I thoroughly enjoyed myself – during rehearsals and the concert as well as spending time with new and old friends- what a privilege! Some people came as far as Slovakia (400 kilometres) to hear the music – I hope we did the long drive justice – thank you Vladimir!

Here a collection of selfies and fan pics to paint a picture of a totally awesome concert at the Anton Bruckner University in Linz/Austria, headlining the annual Jazzweekend.

A special BIG Thank you to Andreas See who not only played lead alto and a killer solo on ?Music To Swing Your Handbag To? – he also was the brain and organiser behind the entire Jazzweekend. I want to applaud his drive and long may it last!

The other special BIG Thank you goes to drummer Joseph ?Seppi? Hinterhoelzl (aka ?Joe Backwood?) who was the ?unofficial? conductor of the band, played his funky socks off and made sure that I was at the right place and the right time and generally looked after me really, really well. This extends to his lovely and most accommodating family (thanks for the conducting tips by Mister Hinterhoelzl senior:-) Samarei rocks?erm ..funks!

And of course – last but not least – all the wonderful musicians and section leaders who took time out of their schedule to practise the parts, rehearse and play the concert – you know who you are and so do I:-)

Can?t wait for the next one – I?m ready!

Carpe funkem.

Stefan Redtenbacher w/Upper Austrian Funkestra



Karin Wasmeir – vocals
Regina Mitterberger- vocals
Barbara Hell – vocals

Trinity – Stefan Redtenbacher


Josef Hinterhoelzl (aka ?Joe Backwood?) – drums, section leader
Andreas Erd – guitar
Paul Huber – guitar
Jacob Kastenhuber – Hammond organ
Alex Brosch – Hammond organ
Hannah Roitinger – Fender Rhodes
Conrado Molina – Percussion
Daniel Hackl – Percussion


Andreas See – alto saxophone 1, section leader
Lisa Helmel – alto saxophone 2
Michael Kneidinger – Tenor saxophone 1
David Aschauer – Tenor saxophone 2
Vicy Pfeil – Baritone saxophone, clarinet


Werner Wum – tenor trombone, section leader
Benedikt Betzel – tenor trombone2
Andreas Bauchiger – tenor trombone 3
Herman Mayr – bass trombone


Klaus Ganglmayer- trumpet 1, section leader
Gerd Rahstorfer – trumpet 2
Edwin Eder- trumpet 3
Jonathan Banholzer – trumpet 4
Andreas Costamoling – trumpet 5


Christian Wirth – violin 1, section leader
Magdalena Oberstaller – violin 1
Ines Rettensteiner – violin 1
Anna Huber – violin 1
Denise Fait – violin 2
Tao-Deva Stingl – violin 2
Angelika Silber – violin 2
Johanna Hohenwallner – viola
Kathy v Hohenfels-Milo – viola
Stephan Punderlitschek – cello/viola
Laura Myslik – cello
Kathi Bruellmeir – cello

Upper Austrian Funkestra – string section & keys


Pete Whitfield
Peter Tomasso
Paul Jordanous
Michael B. Nelson
Simon Allen


Matthias Kronsteiner






Trinity, Carmen Hinterhoelzl, Thomas Schmidt, Michaela Riahi, Michal Kneidinger, Christian Wirth, Denise Fait, professional photos courtesy of Bernie Brunmair.