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Redtenbacher’s Funkestra – Re-imagined by Beat Fatigue – out now!

A while a go I stumbled across Dutch producer and guitarist Beat Fatigue?s Glitch Hop catalogue on Bandcamp.

I was immediately hooked by his music and many car journeys later with Beat Fatigue?s funk offering testing my sound systems to the limit it was time to contact the man himself – London calling Amsterdam.

After a initial hook-up of like minded spirits united in Funk, I pinged all tracks from ?The Time Thief? the latest release of Redtenbacher?s Funkestra to Mr Beat Fatigue to pick one for re-imagination … and ?Walkin? Struttin? Strollin’? Beat Fatigue re-edit was born, much to my delight!

The funk was strong and vibrant – so much so that the musical journey couldn?t end there. This was when the idea of Redtenbacher?s Funkestra ‘Re-imagined by Beat Fatigue‘ was born.

Bow Wow (from ?Hausmusik?), Guilty and Walkin? Struttin? Strollin’ (from ?The Time Thief?), The Oracle (from ?The Cooker?) and Skintight (from ‘A Little Book of Jazz’ – by The Red Counts, the jazzier sibling of the Funkestra) were all re-imagined with fresh funk spectacles.

?Funky wobbly swinging bass-lines with jazzy chord progressions, some recorded midi layers, effects, vocals chops, punchy drums and guitar-jam to top? is indeed what you can expect of this sound.

Great to experience these Funkestra classics in an Electro Funk setting, re-imagined through Beat Fatigue?s unique Glitch Funk vantage point. Dare I say it – but listen to this remixes with a system that can move some serious air – this is not laptop speaker music and this Glitch Hop EP will really get you going!

Also a big thank you to K+Lab for his awesome cover art!

A digital release at the moment, available on over 40 digital online stores for streaming and/or download – we are planning to releasing the EP on vinyl later this year. Looking forward to taking these vibes onto a bandstand near you.


Get this release directly from us HERE!

PS: I’m very proud to release this collaboration with Beat Fatigue on my RSB Music label (‘RSB’ is short for ‘real sexy bass’) – currently working on a whole bunch of releases to make my indie label grow and offer you the funkiest vibes I can muster!