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Backwood Five – Brother Joe’s Garage EP out now!

[cover photo courtesy of Jasmine Krivosheev]

Backwood Five is another sibling of the Redtenbacher’s Funkestra (the other ‘jazzier’ sibling being The Red Counts).

This groove jam funk band, based in and around Linz in Upper Austria, is run by drummer Josef Hinterh?lzl (aka Joe Backwood). Over the last year or so I had the great pleasure of working and playing with this fun and high energy five piece – what’s more is that Joe has picked all the tunes from my original repertoire and has also tasked me with MDing the band – there is really nothing not to love about this gig!

As we are young band we are looking to add to our existing gig circuit – one of the steps we have taken towards this is to release our first EP called ‘Brother Joe’s Garage’ featuring five original songs. Have a listen/download on any of the provided links below – choose your favorite service, heads up though, only on Bandcamp you can NAME YOUR PRICE – give us whatever you think the music is worth to you or even better, invite us to your next festival – no matter how big or small!

Backwood Five are:

Josef Hinterh?lzl (Joe Backwood) – drums, bandleader
Andreas See – tenor saxophone
Oliver Kerschbaumer – keyboards (Hammond, Rhodes)
Paul Slaviczek – guitar
Stefan Redtenbacher – bass, MD

and ‘honorary’ BW5 live band members: Johnny Sommerer (guitar), Martin Gasselsberger (keyboards) and Gerd Rahstorfer (trumpet).

Two of the tunes were recorded at Ollie’s place in Austria – watch us recording them here: ‘Samurei Phunk‘ and ‘Scarlett Town‘.

The other three tunes Joe and I recorded over here in the UK at Masterlink productions with the fab Simon Allen (tenor sax), Adam Goldsmith (guitar) and Ross Stanley (keys).

A big thank you to Tom Fitzsimmons who helped us out in the studio and last but not least Karl Vanden Bossche who overdubbed percussion @his on ‘Samurei Phunk’ and ‘Scarlett Town’ – always a pleasure to work with such master musician (“More cowbell, anyone?”).


Stream or download the music here:


Backwood Five – ‘Hard hitting Fuzz for Groove Jam Lovers!’