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Funky Play-Alongs – minus bass tracks available now

[photo by Rob Blackham]

I’m very excited to offer the bass community high quality minus one audio tracks and corresponding bass charts. Check some out here on Bandcamp ‘FunkyPlayAlongs‘.

To start out with I’ll offer minus one tracks from the original Funkestra records – so you can expect high quality audio quality and excellent musicianship. I’ll do my best to credit every single musician on the each track – credit where credit is due.

The idea started when Nick Wells, the director of the movie ‘Beneath The Bassline‘ asked me if he could use ‘Bassface‘ from ‘Dr Hypenstein’ as the title track. I think it would be fun to for bassists interested in funky music to play along to the track.

At the moment you can ‘name your prize’ on Bandcamp (yes, you can download for FREE if you are strapped for cash) for the minus bass track plus bass chart. Once you downloaded the zip folder from Bandcamp in your chosen audio format you’ll find not only the backing track but also the bass chart and cover in the unzipped folder. Magic!

If you like the idea of cool bass backing tracks and charts I will also release my ‘Playing the Blues’ series, ‘A Little Book of Jazz’ by the Red Counts, ‘Session Cats’ – a whole bunch of stylistically different tunes and cool sounding tracks which I wrote for my ‘in session’ column for the ibass magazine as well as a whole bunch of chord progressions and scale/arpeggio exercise backing tracks. I don’t think I’ll run out soon. Just let me know what you are into!

Here a lovely credit from another bassist:

“Das ganze Konzept finde ich einfach geil. F?r jeden Bassist, der sich einigerma?en f?r Funk interessiert, ist es ein Traum.” [Nicholas M.]

Translates roughly to:

“I really dig the whole concept. This is a dream for any bassist who is remotely interested in Funk.” [Nicholas M.]