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Go East | ft. Berklee bass professor and double bassist Bruce Gertz | out now on RSB Records

‘Go East’ is a Big Band jazz funk tune written by Stefan Redtenbacher. Inspired by Ennio Morricone‘s soundtrack for Quentin Tarantino’s ‘The Hateful Eight’ and Jaco Pastorius‘ ‘Word of Mouth‘ Big Band – it has several ‘mini’ movements and features the double bass (Bruce Gertz) and electric bass (Stefan Redtenbacher) – both in accompanying and solo roles.

‘Go East (ft. Bruce Gertz) – hear it here first!

In the words of ‘Captain Autumn’ Andrew Goodwin:

“The latest Funkestra track will be sure to wrongfoot those who think they know what they can expect by now. It sets out its stall with a hand-clapped rhythm which settles into a more lilting, enticing groove than the pumping backbeat we?re accustomed to. After establishing an intriguing, angular riff, we?re greeted with the uncharacteristic tones of the double bass, in a solo performed by Bruce Gertz, followed by “a rare treat indeed” an electric bass solo from Stefan himself, a reminder that the reason the Funkestra’s bottom end is always so tight is because this guy can REALLY play. The return to the theme is then underpinned by the bass dancing through the triplets, until the cycle is completed with farewell chords both acoustic and electric. Inspired by Ennio Morricone and Jaco Pastorius, this is an ambitious and audacious track which, whilst being typically full to bursting with sumptuous musicianship, showcases the versatility of Redtenbacher?s Funkestra.”

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Stefan Redtenbacher & Bruce Gertz, ca 1997, somewhere in a club in Massachusetts


‘Go East’ is a ‘double premiere’ for me! It is the first tune I ever wrote which I conceptualized for two basses – a double bass and an electric bass guitar. Additionally I was planning on recording, i.e. featuring two bass solos by two different players on one track – one of them being me – something that has been missing on all Funkestra records up to now!

I feel I’ve come full circle in asking my former bass teacher Bruce Gertz to play the double bass part and a solo. I really enjoyed my one-to-one bass lessons and the bass improvisations labs with Bruce who is, without a doubt a master on the instrument and a world-class educator who has helped all the top talent at Berklee – for instance the late and extraordinary Victor Bailey.

Working with him on fairly advanced Jazz repertoire he (nearly literally) blew me away every time – what an inspirational force on the bass – both on electric and upright. No surprise that saxophone guru Jerry Bergonzi has called upon him on many occasions! Bruce also has a very impressive discography under his own name and is as active as ever.

Over the decades we’ve stayed in touch and when I bumped into him during a visit at Berklee in Boston last spring it seemed like the gods of funk (and jazz) brought us together for me to pursue my double/electric bass dreams. Bruce delivered with aplomb – but find out for yourselves by listening to the track.

Of course it was slightly daunting to play a solo after him, however, many of the ideas I’ve been using are rooted in some of the things he taught me, so hopefully I haven’t bent them too much out of shape:-)

It was a funny moment when Bruce told me that he thought some of the written lines were challenging at times, to which I replied that the ideas for those go all the way back to his lessons – so he only had himself to blame – haha!

Find our more about Bruce Gertz here.


Bassists! In case you are interested in having a look or having a go at my bass solo – feel free to send me an email to info AT rsbrecords DOT com and I’ll send you a free PDF copy.

Big Band bandleaders can contact me under the same email address and for the price of a cup of coffee per part – can purchase the Big Band arrangement. Small ensemble and Big Band and arrangements from my previous records can be bought here.

‘Go East’ – electric bass solo transcription, page 1


  • Bruce Gertz – double bass
  • Stefan Redtenbacher – electric bass, glockenspiel, xylophone
  • Mike Outram – guitar
  • Ross Stanley – Hammond organ, Wurlitzer
  • Mike Sturgis – drums
  • Karl Vanden Bossche – percussion
  • Tucker Antell – saxophone (tenor, alto)
  • William Vint – saxophone (tenor, alto)
  • Richard Beesley – saxphone (bari)
  • Yaure Muniz – trumpet
  • Douglas Olsen – trumpet
  • Angelo Subero – trombone (tenor, bass)
  • Clayton Dewalt – trombone (tenor)
  • Andy Ross – flute
Drummer Mike Sturgis laying down the foundations for ‘Go East’ (courtesy of David Fitzsimons)

Written, arranged and produced by Stefan Redtenbacher
Big Band horn arrangement by Peter Tomasso & Stefan Redtenbacher
Mixed and mastered by Rupert Christie
Graphic design by Stefan Redtenbacher
Published by Hypenstein Music (ASCAP)
Released by RSB Records RSB 73704
All rights reserved.