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Blood and Whiskey (ft. Tucker Antell & Mike Outram) out now on RSB Records

Cover for ‘Blood & Whiskey’ (photo by Rob Blackham)

Listen on the artist-friendly Bandcamp HERE.

Alternatively here on the ‘usual suspects’ digital stores like Spotify, YouTube or Soundcloud.

Click HERE to here ‘Blood and Whiskey’ on the Spotify editorial playlist ‘Jazz UK’. Well chuffed to have been included!

Tucker brought ‘Blood and Whiskey to the recording session. Originally this tune should have made it onto his first solo album ‘Grime Scene’ but somehow didn’t make it. This was great news for our session as we all loved the gritty and rootsy Blues feeling of his original composition. Both Tucker and Mike Outram are taking extensive solos on this one – resulting in a seven and a half minute track – so great to hear them ‘stretch out’ without any time constraints.

[BASSISTS: have a listen to the outrageous bass run at the end – just following the ‘directive’ from the composer…]

Just in case you’d like to hear an alternative and more ‘compact version of of the song – watch the Masterlink Session video HERE.

Getting down at Masterlink Productions – watch HERE.
(photo by Rob Blackham)


Fooling around in the studio
(photo by Rob Blackham)


  • Produced by Stefan Redtenbacher
  • Recorded, mixed & mastered at Masterlink Productions by James Welch
  • Cover photo by Rob Blackham
  • Graphic illustration by Stefan Redtenbacher
  • ‘Blood and Whiskey written by Tucker Antell
  • Released on RSB Records, RSB749003
The cover for the ‘Blood & Whiskey’ Masterlink session
(photo by Rob Blackham)