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New Funkestra groove tune ‘Kerria Lacca’ out on Bandcamp now

The digital single cover for ‘Kerria Lacca’

Download, listen and learn more about ‘Kerria Lacca’ on Bandcamp HERE.

This instrumental groove tune is dedicated to the lac insect that produces a resin which was used to produce gramophone records until vinyl was invented. Featuring guitarist Mike Outram and saxophonist Tucker Antell it also nods towards the musical meeting of Medeski, Martin & Wood with John Scofield. Stefan Redtenbacher’s Funkestra has clocked up over a million Spotify streams with their own brand of funk and ‘Kerria Lacca’ is another groovilicous addition to their live shows too.

‘Kerria Lacca’ will form part of the full blown 11 song album ‘The Hang’ to be released later this year. Recorded entirely live at Masterlink Productions, home of the Masterlink Sessions, my joint venture with studio owner James Welch.

‘Kerria Lacca’ will be released on the all the major digital platforms on Friday, 31st of January. However, I thought before Spotify, YouTube and Apple will do their usual ‘squashing’ of the audio file (yes, they are penalising music which is too loud) – I thought I’d offer it up ‘unadalturated’ on the artist-friendly Bandcamp – as wav, fnac, mp3, etc.

Guitarist Mike Outram (photo by Rob Blackham)


Dave Limina, Stefan Redtenbacher, Mike Sturgis laying it down at MLP Studio (photo by Rob Blackham)


  • Written and produced by Stefan Redtenbacher
  • Recorded, mixed & mastered at Masterlink Productions by James Welch
  • Cover design by Stefan Redtenbacher
  • Released on RSB Records, RSB749005