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The Masterlink Remote Session (May 2020)

The Masterlink REMOTE Session – ‘You Can’t Always Get What You Want’ (The Masterlink All Stars)

Dear funkateers,

I hope you are well, sound and safe. As some of you know the Redtenbacher?s Funkestra has served as the de-facto house band of our Masterlink Sessions for about 18 months now.

If you have missed any of the videos feel free to have a look on our YouTube channel HERE.

None of the audio of our videos has been available until now. We?ve just released our first Masterlink Sessions ?Instrumental? album on BANDCAMP only and have decided to support the Save The Children?s COVID-19 Appeal by donating all the proceeds.

The Masterlink Instrumental Sessions album

Streaming on Spotify, Apple Music & Co makes so little money, we are not bothering for now. Here an approximation:

You would have to stream a track on Spotify for circa 333 times to make about ?1 (!)

Of course Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Prime, etc. are cool platforms to expose the music to a lot of people, possibly new fans – but as a means to create a significant amount of money for a charitable cause – not so cool – unless you are Ed Sheeran, Justin Bieber or the Weeknd and in comparison to these artists an indie artist like us doesn’t even classify as ‘pond scum’.

So, downloading the music directly from BANDCAMP means your donation supports communities directly affected by this crisis, in the UK & globally. This pandemic threatens children & families everywhere. Thank you for your support.

What?s more we have also recorded a Masterlink REMOTE Session with vocals under the same arrangement. We are delighted about any donation and people do what the can. Some people have donated ?50 for a ?1 track which is as great as all the people who can spare ?1.

In short – simply download ANY Masterlink Sessions tracks – pay more if you want – get great music and support a noble cause – what?s not to like?

Check in our Masterlink Sessions offering on Bandcamp HERE.

We?ll keep you posted with progress – there are two more vocal albums in the pipeline and hoping we all can make a difference.

Stay healthy and until next time.

Thank you as always, Stefan and the entire Masterlink Sessions team

The Masterlink All Stars (imagined by Leo Mansell)

PS: Bandcamp takes 15% from any digital sale and the payment processor (in our case Paypal) about 5% – in comparison – the Apple store used to take 30% straight away. Also, I host my RSB Records label on Bandcamp which occurs a monthly fee – however at this stage we are handing all money that Bandcamp transfer to us via PayPal over to Save The Children.