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Concubine Chronicles (original demo recording) FREE download until 31/10 on RSB Records

Since March I’ve been in hyper-creation mode and have pushed many of my projects forward. I also have looked backwards and hoped on the #flashback band wagon.

I’ve listened to the demo recordings we did 13 years ago (!) before we went into Mark Knopfler’s British Grove Studio in Chiswick, London. Watch the ‘Concubine Chronicles’ making off video HERE.

Stefan and his Music Man Sterling from Boston

At the the time the digital landscape looked very different and these six tunes never saw the light of day. Listening back I thought that they document the developments of the band well and decided to release them now.

At the time the Funkestra was a five piece with the core being drummer Mike Sturgis and Eran Kendler on guitar. The keys chair was always ‘rotating’ and on this occasion we invited Incognito’ MD and keyboard Mike Cooper who did an excellent job. The tenor sax chair was covered by Jim Hunt for a good amount of time who brought his powerful and creative playing to the band.

Mike Sturgis with Hot Rod drumsticks

HERE is Mike Cooper’s funky Hohner D6 clavinet soundcheck through an Orange amp. So fun how he plays percussion on the chassis at the end!

Incognito’s Matt Cooper operating his vintage keys with musical delight

Four of the six songs made it eventually onto the ‘Concubine Chronicles’ album, ‘Living For the City’ by Stevie was always a crowd pleaser at gigs and ‘Roachmotel’ was a nod back to ‘Boozing Wizards’ – my very first album recorded in Boston.

Eran Kendler and his cool ‘Sco’ 335

I think this is a good record of what the band sounded like at the time – full of energy and vigour – feel free to download for any pice and let us know your thoughts. Your input and support is much appreciated, as always.

DOWNLOAD HERE for FREE until October 31st.

Carpe funkem, Stefan

PS: Photos courtesy by my then bass student Alex Karban. Special thanks to Rhym Aïda Amich for the portrait image.

Jim Hunt in 2007