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Redtenbacher’s Funkestra release ‘Cool Beans’ ft. Mike Outram (gtr) and Paul Jordanous (trp) on RSB Records

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When Redtenbacher’s Funkestra gigs were still possible ‘Cool Beans’ was always an audience favorite. This stomping wall-to-wall funk piece with a larger-than-life bass line certainly justifies to be on the ‘Big FUNK Band’ album. The rhythm section is extended by a big band horn section and a live string section. The featured soloists are guitar wizard Mike Outram and Paul Jordanous on trumpet (who also co-wrote the horn arrangement with Stefan).


(rhythm section) 
Mike Outram – guitar 
Ross Stanley – keyboards (Hammond Organ, Rhodes) 
Karl Vanden Bossche – percussion 
Mike Sturgis – drums 
Stefan Redtenbacher – bass 

Paul Jordanous – trumpet 
Graeme Flowers – trumpet 
Sid Gauld – trumpet 
Rory Simmons – trumpet 
Andi See – saxophone alto, tenor) 
Piers Green – (alto, tenor) 
Richard Beesley – saxophone (baritone) 
Tom White – trombone (tenor) 
Mike Kearnsey – trombone (tenor, bass)

(string section) 
Pete Whitfield – violin, viola (section leader) 
Paulette Bayley – violin 
Sarah Brandwood-Spencer – viola 
Simon Turner – cello 
Nicholas Trygstad – cello 

Paul Jordanous – trumpet 
Mike Outram – guitar 


written, arranged and produced by Stefan Redtenbacher 
horn arrangement by Paul Jordanous and Stefan Redtenbacher 
string arrangement by Pete Whitfield 
mixed and mastered by Rupert Christie 
graphic design by Stefan Redtenbacher 
published by Hypenstein Publishing (ASCAP) 
released on RSB Records (RSB 73706)