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Dear funkateers,

‘The Golden Switchback’ is the 1960s themed album that I always wanted to write. Inspired by classic film music recordings by Lalo Schifrin, Quincy Jones and John Barry, Ennio Moricone to name but a few.

If my go-to recording studio would be big enough I would have recorded the trusty Funkestra rhythm section A listers with the 9 piece horn section at the same time. As it were, it was recorded in two sessions – one with the rhythm section and one with the piece horn section (3 trumpets, 3 saxes and 3 trombones). And it’s all worth it – the Masterlink Studio has that Muscle Shoals ‘magic’ that I love so much.

I absolutely would love (read L-O-V-E) to perform this music with a 20 piece orchestra on a stage or festival near you!

You can order the Limited Edition CD in entirely recycled digipaks made from recycled card, egg boxes and cork directly on my brandnew FUNKSTORE here.

Alternatively you can stream or download HERE.

A big shout out to all the awesome musicians, Elliot Ireland from Pedigree Cuts for believing in this collection of songs, his label partner Alex Rizzo for the brilliant mix, Rob Blackham for the moody photographs, Neil J Hart for the brilliant album artwork, Paul Jordanous for checking over my horn writing and charts and last but not very least James Welch for recording the rhythm and horn section at his Masterlink Studio.

A special shout out to Robert Brownjohn (August 8, 1925 – August 1, 1970), the American designer who created the iconic film poster for the Bond movie ‘Goldfinger’.

FUN FACT – Andreas See (saxophone) and Herman Mayr (trombone) came over from Austria to record with us (pre-Covid) and jolly times were had all around.

Andi and Hermann enjoying a bit of British pub culture.

MUSICIANS (in alphabetical order)

Karl Vanden Bossche – percussion
Tom Gardner – trumpet
Sid Gauld – trumpet
Piers Green – saxophone (tenor, alto)
Paul Jordanous – trumpet
Herman Mayr – trombone (bass)
Nick Mills – trombone (tenor)
Rich Milner – Harpsichord (8), Wurlitzer, Clavinet (9)
Mike Outram – guitar, Fender VI
Stefan Redtenbacher – bass, guitar, alto glockenspiel
Andrew Michael Ross – flute, alto flute (3, 5, 8)
Andreas See – saxophone (tenor, alto)
Paul Silver – saxophone (baritone)
Ross Stanley – Hammond organ, Wurlitzer, Hohner Clavinet D6
Mike Sturgis – drums
Tom White – trombone (tenor)

The horn section at Masterlink.


Produced, written and arranged by Stefan Redtenbacher
Special thanks to Paul Jordanous to check over horn arrangements
Recorded by James Welch at Masterlink Productions
Mixed and mastered by Alex Rizzo
Executive producer Elliot Ireland
Artwork by Neil J Hart
Photos by Rob Blackham
Under exclusive license of Pedigree Cuts (UPM) PEDF127


The original Goldfinger (1964) poster was auctioned at Sothebys and sold for GBP 11,250.