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Stefan Redtenbacher interview | ’40 Minutes of Funk’

Stefan Redtenbacher interview | ’40 Minutes of Funk’


What fun to do this Stefan Redtenbacher interview on ’40 Minutes of Funk’ with Michael Bendure from Norman, Oklahoma, United States. Michael is a true Funk music lover and has clearly spent some time to get into the music of the Funkestra and my career. I feel this is rare for people to really dig in and not just scratch the surface. Therefore a big shout out to him, his podcast and radio show.

I also feel a little bit sheepish as I seem to have responded most of his questions with at least three answers. However, I answered them from the heart. The downside? The 40 minutes Funk podcast turned into 1 hour 40 minutes of adventures in Funk land with Stefan – hahah!

It cracks me up that Michael gives a ‘long-form warning’ at the beginning and suggest to digest in multiple sittings. This really makes me giggle. You want me to talk?  I’ll talk and really happy to too:-) He is a top man for having me on the show!

I’ve hooked up Michael with Tom Grady from Resolution 88, a band I really dig. Not least because of their ace bassist and friend Tiago Coimbra. I’m also thinking other acts I could hook him up with. Let’s shine the light on all the creatives!

“Stefan Redtenbacher and I discuss funky folk music, setting copy machines on fire, teaching at Hogwarts, and selling technology to the Chinese government.”

Now I’m exited to get Michael on the Masterlink Sessions podcast to find out what makes him tick and where his drive and inspiration is coming from! In conclusion I hope you’ll enjoy this Stefan Redtenbacher interview on ’40 Minutes of Funk’.