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All we are saying | Fundraiser for Ukraine

All we are saying | Concert for Ukraine | squarter poster in blue and yellow with white dove
All we are saying | Concert for Ukraine

Dear all,

Let me tell you about ‘All we are saying | Concert for Ukraine’. This is about raising funds for a very important cause.

Customarily the Masterlink Sessions house band (a.k.a. Redtenbacher’s Funkestra) operate happily as a studio band for invited artists. For special ocassions some we like to come out and play live.

This is a very special ocassion – a fundraiser for the Ukraine on Sun 10th of April @the Harlington in Fleet | Hampshire from 2 to 5 in the afternoon. A total of 13 different artists will be there to entertain you for a great cause.

Get your tickets here.

In case you can’t make it – there are currently talks about a live stream. We have no more info at this stage but will share when it comes in.

You could show additional support by purchasing a T-shirt or the concert poster.

T-shirts and poster here. 

All net proceeds will go to the creators for Ukraine charity. More about this charity from CISAC’s global network HERE. CISAC stands for the International Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers – is the world’s leading network of authors’ societies.

Thank you for supporting this important and relevant cause.

Kind regards, Stefan and the entire MLS team

All we are saying | Concert for Ukraine | Concert poster. Background yellow and blue with white dove icon. Listing the venue and all artists and musicians.
Concert for Ukraine | concert poster by Neil J Hart.