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New guitar driven single

Single cover with 60s shades of 'Carol' by Redtenbacher's Funkestra feat. Scott McKeon and Carter Arrington
Redtenbacher’s Funkestra feat. Carter Arringon & Scott McKeon ‘Carol’

RSB Records proudly release new single ‘Carol’ by Redtenbacher’s Funkestra feat. Carter Arrington and Scott McKeon

Known as a wall-to-wall horn Jazz Funk band they are venturing towards guitar-driven Funk. Feat. guitarists Scott McKeon & Carter Arrington.


The Masterlink Sessions – a community based 100% live in the studio venture provides the ideal environment for Redtenbacher’s Funkestra to experiment with their sound and artistic direction as they are serving as the in-house studio band a la the Funkbrothers and Booker T & The MGs on a regular basis. Known as a wall-to-wall horn Jazz Funk band they are venturing towards guitar-driven Funk the footsteps of the Crusaders, Stuff and AWB. This release is a tribute to bass session legend Carol Kaye.

This new Redtenbacher’s Funkestra single features guitarists Scott McKeon (Tom Jones, Rufus Black, Van Morrison, Ed Sheeran) and Carter Arrington who recently came to the UK from Austin/Texas with a bucket full of Blues and dare we say it – Rock Fusion guitar chops! These two certainly help to create a new Funkestra sound with a shift of focus from horns to guitars.


The Masterlink Sound Experiments are an exploration into the sound of vintage funk and soul. Using technological limitations to push the boundaries of audio and create a nu-retro sound that is paying homage to the great studio bands – Muscle Shoals, Booker T and the MGs and the Swampers. (James Welch, Masterlink Productions Studio)

(in alphabetical order of last name)

Carter Arrington | guitar
Scott McKeon | guitar
Stefan Redtenbacher | bass
Ross Stanley | Hammond organ
Mike Sturgis | drums

Written and produced by Stefan Redtenbacher
Arranged by the band
Recorded, mixed and mastered by James Welch at Masterlink Studio
Studio assistant | George Marsh
RSB Records RSB 98010