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New single feat. guitarists Nigel Price and Tony Remy

The What Factor single cover by Redtenbacher's Funkestra featuring master guitarists Nigel Price and Tony Remy
Redtenbacher’s Funkestra feat. Tony Remy and Nigel Price ‘The What Factor?’

RSB Records proudly release new single ‘The What Facor?’ by Redtenbacher’s Funkestra feat. guitarists Nigel Price and Tony Remy

The Masterlink Sessions and their studio house band (a.k.a. Redtenbacher’s Funkestra) are building a community of like-minded creatives, inviting a range of different artists.

This is the first meeting of UK veteran guitarist Tony Remy and award winning Jazz guitarist Nigel Price. Having completely different styles they spark of each other on this original Remy/Redtenbacher composition. The trading of guitar licks is certainly a fun listening for anyone who loves classic bands like Stuff, The Crusaders and AWB.

This also marks a new direction, or at least an additional side to the creative output of the Funkestra which is mostly known for wall-to-wall horn section driven funk.

Listen on your favorite platform HERE.

For Spotify listeners – this is our fifth track on the Spotify JAZZ-FUNK playlistJazz. But funky. Follow this playlist HERE.

Spotify jazz funk playlist

You can also watch the Masterlink Sessions video HERE.

MUSICIANS (in alphabetical order of last name)

  • Karl Vanden Bossche | percussion
  • Joe Glossop | Hammond organ
  • Nigel Price | guitar
  • Stefan Redtenbacher | bass
  • Tony Remy | guitar
  • Mike Sturgis | drums


  • written, arranged and produced by Tony Remy and Stefan Redtenbacher
  • recorded, mixed and mastered by James Welch at Masterlink Studio
  • video by Leo Mansell cover
  • design by Stefan Redtenbacher
  • RSB Records RSB 90014 GB-GRN-20-00039