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Masterlink podcast Season 1 round-up

Masterlink podcast Season 1 round-up with James Welch and Stefan Redtenbacher

Masterlink podcast season 1 round-up

Listen to the Masterlink podcast season 1 round-up in two parts on your favorite digital platform. Presented by James Welch and Stefan Redtenbacher.

You can listen directly on Buzzsprout or on all major digital platforms like Spotify, Apple podcasts et al.

Season 1 | Episode 50 | Part 1

Season 1 | Episode 50 | Part 2

Listening to it back-to-back it creates a good impression on a host of topics across the music industry. Informative and entertaining – well, that’s what we think anyway:-)

The back story of the podcast

The Masterlink podcast season 1 round-up has been on our ‘to-do’ list for some time.

We started the podcast sometime in February 2021 during one of the many lockdowns, mostly to stay in touch with our fellow creatives in the music industry. We had no grand plans yet soon we realised that there were many people we wanted to talk to and share their stories with all.

This is how it came to 49 episodes – more or less one a week – we never imagined that!

Sometime in the spring of 2022 we seemed to run out of steam, partly because with things opening up again we both were back in full-on music creation mode, squeezing the podcast out of our respective schedules.

Maybe we also had a minor crisis of confidence with our offering. Both of us are listening to brilliantly put together podcasts like Broken Record with Rick Rubin and friends, the Janek Gwizdala podcast, Bandwith Conversations with Katie Brewer and 40 Mintues of Funk by Michael B and podcasts outside the music industry like Sideways, The Rest is Politics, Empire, Power Corrupts and Aspects of History.

All of them brilliantly researched, edited and conducted. Our podcasts were alway more sponaneous in nature, ‘shooting the breeze’ and having informal chats.

On reflection – our goal (and strapline) always was ‘getting to know creatives in the music industry’ and we think we did after all.

Also based on the encouragement of fellow creatives and friends we felt it was time to embark on season 2 with some new ideas, nothing to drastic, yet with some more definite angles. If this will work out we have to find out over time.

Key take-aways and improvements

So what do we think are our take aways from having created 49 podcasts and numero 50 – the Season 1 round-up?

Here a few thoughts:

  • James and I are sitting next to each other in the studio. This brings a new fun aspect to the interview.
  • We have honed in on five general topics we would like to cover – these are not covered by specific questions each time rather than ‘floating topics’ we aim to weave into the conversation
  • Generally we are trying to cut out prologned courtesies at the beginning and end of each interview – of course not to the point of being rude, but trying to get into it from the start and the same for the end. It’s hard yet we are aiming to get better at it.
  • Our aim is to avoid ‘leading questions’ (no matter how hard we are finding this) to leave questions totally open to the interpretation of our guests.
  • We are now filming our podcasts and can offer them as exlusive content to our Patreons. These are ‘uncut’ and include bits that are not in the audio podcasts.

The vodcast

This is ‘uncut’ – you’ll get to see a minute or so preamble before we are recording the audio for the podcast. Possibly a unique insight in what’s happening before doing it ‘for real’.

If you wanted to see the vodcast of this podcast you might want to join as a Patreon of the Masterlink Sessions HERE. The vodcast is exclusive to Patreons and you could join for as little as £1 a month.

If you rather support the Masterlink Sessions with a one off payment you could buy us one or two cups of coffee HERE.

We hope you’ll enjoy our round-up of the Masterlink podcast season 1 as much as we have enjoyed creating it.