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What people say

What people say about the 'Both Sides Now' album

What People Say

This a collection of music lovers’ thoughts about the ‘Both Sides Now’ album. Thank you for sending in your thoughts – much appreciated. You can get your CD album HERE.


‘It undoubtedly takes a brave group of musicians to take on the beautiful songwriting of the peerless Joni Mitchell. However, the stellar cast
of musicians on this beautiful record navigate this challenge with supreme skill, adding their own unique twist to the originals. Brought to life with stunning vocals and an A-list cast of session musicians led by super-talented bandleader and bassist Stefan Redtenbacher. Free Man in Paris and Little Green are particular favourites. Highly recommended’.
Gavin Bown  

‘Eleven delightfully performed encapsulations of Joni Mitchell’s art.’
Peter Jones

‘Brilliant album’.
Gordon White

‘Been listening to it for several days now and it is an incredible tribute to Joni from some of the very best contemporary vocalists and a variety of incredible musicians pulled together by Stefan Redtenbacher at MasterlinkSessions. Every track is of the same high quality and gives due respect to Joni Mitchell’s incredible songwriting’.
Richard Donnelly

‘From the postman’s hand to the cd player was one fluid motion. I only paused to admire the artwork and the quality feel of the cd sleeve. I settled down to listen to the cd with the booklet in hand and the quality continued as I listened to the tracks. An absolutely stunning mix of incredible artists, a wonderful interpretation of Joni’s songs and all held together by the superb MasterlinkSessions. Congratulations to everyone involved with the Joni project. What an album!’
Paul Barratt

‘The Joni album arrived today, simply stunning. Thanks Mark’.
John Stribley

‘Such a great range of vocal styles, Jo’s vocal performance on “Blue” is exceptional together with the brilliant arrangements of the Funkestra c/o Stefan. All in all, an outstanding album of music’.
Marcel Graves

‘Beautifully packaged and produced cd mate am listening to it right now… loving it’.
Rob Clark

‘On first listen, in addition to Jo’s tracks (obvs) I’m really taken by Rumer’s contributions, esp. Amelia’.
David Faulkener

‘What a fabulous song (Circle Game). Great arrangement too. Always good to hear Hamish’s voice.’
Rob Hayes

‘Amazing musicianship right there!’
Danny Williams

‘Superb arrangements and production. I know that it took a long time to put together and the attention to detail shows. I can’t pick a favourite track because each artist has put their stamp on them. A great album’.
Gary Edwards

‘Newly released collection of covers of Joni Mitchell classics by some of the best and brightest emerging and established talents from the UK in collaboration with THE go-to session band is now available and probably still flying under the radar of most unless you’ve heard of Redtenbacher’s Funkestra. Truly a CD reflective of great care, love and tenderness due to Joni as she turns 80 and these great compositions! Make sure to get one while you can. Make sure to share’.
Ed Ross

‘The ‘Both Sides Now’ musical project an homage to the music of Joni Mitchell has developed into something quite wonderful and utterly beguiling.

The culmination just now has been realised with the release of an album that features 11 vivid interpretations of deep cuts from Joni’s amazing back catalogue.

The music is delivered by a truly stellar group of world class vocalists namely; Jo Harman, Mike Mayfield, Mim Grey, Jana Varga, Sarah Jane Morris, Hamish Stuart and Rumer.

The instrumentation is delivered by Stefan Redtenbacher’s Funkestra, a collection of musicians of the highest calibre.

Together these mighty fine artists weave a tapestry of rich sounds that get inside your head and flow over your senses. The voices are pitch perfect, soulful, impassioned and truly authentic and the musical accompaniment is empathic and nestles alongside the vocals.

I have been privileged to see most of these artists perform these songs at two very intimate venues and those experiences will stay with me for a very long time. To now be fortunate enough to have something permanent to hold on to is also a great privilege.

My sincere thanks to everyone included in making this happen, it is so special.’
Nigel Foster

‘Playing it now. Excellent collection of Joni’s songs by superb artists.’
Austin Denman

‘Both Sides Now’ – pure magic. A sheer delight throughout. I want to spread the wonder to my nearest and dearest.
Kate Bown

‘My copy arrived this morning and the repeat button is being deployed. Absolutely superb.’
Jeff Cooper

‘I love it. Great!’
Frank Ipach

‘So beautiful.’
Liz Moore

‘I Saw Joni in London in ’74, and have seen Jo Harman on several occasions , Jo just knows how to choose and nail a great song….une interprétation suprême…’
Paul Twiby