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What the media says

What the media says about the 'Both Sides Now' album

What the media says

This is what music industy journalists, radio DJs and broadcasters think about the ‘Both Sides Now’ album. Thank you for reviewing it – much appreciated. You can get your CD album HERE.


‘Everyone has a favorite Joni Mitchell number. Personally, I love it when I hear a classic retold, which is what Redtenbacher’s Funkestra have done with their recently released new album “Both Sides Now”. They’ve teamed up with some incredible vocalists and produced a gorgeous sounding album that can be listened to over and over’.
Tim Debney, Fluid Mastering

‘This collection of interpretations is REALLY! good folks, and well worth your time for a listen.’

‘I actually call Joni Mitchell‘s music Joniana. There’s a whole bunch of acts – Brandi Carlile being the most notable – doing it. Rumer is an extraordinary singer and her reading is very faithful. I’d love to hear the whole project’.
Johnny Brick, Radio presenter

‘It’s a thing of rare and dazzling beauty. Joni would love it!’ (Read his full concert review HERE).
Paul Monkhouse, Music journalist

‘Beautifully sung (‘Amelia’) and some beautiful arrangements on this record throughout’.
Paul Long, BBC Producer and broadcaster

‘That’s pretty much perfection’. (‘A Case of You’)
Paul Sexton, Billboard, Times etc broadcaster and BBC R2 documentary presenter

‘Redtenbacher’s Funkestra brings a wonderful musical homage to a famous singer-songwriter.’
Gerrit Schinkel (Blues Town Music) Read the full review HERE (in Dutch).

‘This sort of tribute album, using spectacular voices and A-grade arrangements, will be a way to pay respect to artists and introduce them anew.’
Jonny Brick

‘To be honest, I didn’t know all these singers, but meeting the strangers to me was certainly pleasant! They all make their own version of the Joni Mitchell songs, which in my opinion all prove that other vocalists can also perform the great repertoire of Joni Mitchell very well. It is clear that none of them have tried to copy the original versions, but have really put their own spin on it. The album is rightfully a great tribute to the almost eighty-year-old Canadian singer.’
(Harry Pater Rockpix | Bluesmagazine Netherlands)