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We sold out Ronnie Scott’s

Redtenbacher's Funkestra sell out Ronnie Scott's

We sold out Ronnie Scott’s

We sold out Ronnie Scott’s in London and yes, we are very pleased that our band Redtenbacher’s Funkestra (AKA the Masterlink Sessions house band) has sold out the two shows at ‘Ronnie’s’. For me this this was a bucket list concert. A big thank you to all the people that made this happen and of course the enthusiastic audience cheering us on during both shows.

Not only has the band cut hundreds of videos and songs for a huge range of artists in different styles, they have also started their Joni Mitchell journey with a Masterlink Sessionsperformance of  ‘A Case of You’  with the formidable Ross Stanley on Hammond organ, Mike Sturgis on drums and Stefan Redtenbacher on bass.

One thing led to another and by now the band has taken the ‘Both Sides Now’ show to Germany, Guernsey, numerous UK theatres and the world renwon Ronnie Scott’s Jazz club.

Our featured guest vocalists

All the vocalists in the live show have previously featured on Masterlink Sessions videos and recordings. They all did a marvelous job in spell-binding the audience with the band playing their hearts out.

The cue outside Ronnie’s

This is what it looked like from outside Ronnie’s. A big thanks to everyone who came out and made this a memorable night for all of us! Also a special thanks to Mark Ede, Mike Hellier and last but not least Rumer.

The music

Many of the songs in the show can be heard on the ‘Both Sides Now’ album and ‘The Colours of Joni‘ – a fully fledged Jazz Funk instrumental album to be released at the end of June.

So a huge congrats to the band and also the entire Masterlink Session team who have played a pivotal part in the success of the Joni Mitchell musical adventure. Long may it last.

Mike Sturgis, Stefan Redtenbacher play Ronnie Scott's
Drummer Mike Sturgis and Stefan having a good time at Ronnie’s.