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Stefan Redtenbacher Blues In Britain interview

Blues in Britain - cover - July 2023 - issue 259 - Stefan Redtenbacher interview
Blues in Britain | July 2023 | issue 259 | cover

Blues In Britain interview

Stefan Redtenbacher ‘Blues In Britain’ interview with Steve Morphew for the July 2023 issue 267. “Never less than illuminating.”  Get it HERE.


Rebelling against recorder lessons as a child in Salzburg could have led to a lifelong aversion to music. Fortunately Stefan Redtenbacher’s parents’ record collection proved far more inspirational. Steve Morphew’s conversation with Stefan for Blues In Britain ranges across Herbert von Karajan to Connor Selby and Jo Harman, via Ray Charles, Miles Davis, The Swampers and Booker T and The MGs and is never less than illuminating. (Blues In Britain, June 2023)


I had a great time talking to Steve Morphew via Zoom. He is a great guy, obviously a music lover, Blues broadcaster & writer. He is also the Catton Grove County Cllr & Norfolk Labour group Leader, community activist and former leader Norwich City Council. Aside from talking about music we couldn’t help ourselves to talk about politics. Can’t wait to meet him in person sometime to continue our chat. A top man for sure!

The Interview

Steve was a very insightful interviewer and I really enjoyed the final article. When being interviewed one is always framed by the ‘eye of the beholder’, i.e. their perception of the world, the interviewee and what it is they think they do. I never expect to be ‘accurately framed’ in any interview – a riduculous assumption really. On this ocassion I feel Steve painted a picture in which I can recognise myself including some of my core values. I’m grateful for his time and the whole team from ‘Blues in Britain’.

Here a three quotes which the team picked – I whole-heartedly stand by them.

The only people I answer to are the gods of music.

Small things set you on a path and you don’t realise it.

You have to have an incessant drive to move on, to improve, to ask questions.

I also like the loose implictation of ‘The Masterlink – Bass Playing Man’. Being a bassplayer I’ve always viewed my role as one of connection – connecting all the other intruments and voices together, being like musical ‘glue’ and creating the feeling of a comfortable armchair like a massive well sat-on Chesterfield wing chair. This also extends to people as I do enjoy bringing creatives together and facilitating a community of mutally resonating souls. The Masterlink Sessions operation is certainly a prime expression for my natural propensity.

Blues in Britain collageI hope you’ll enjoy my Stefan Redtenbacher ‘Blues In Britain interview.

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